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1st Phorm: Best Supplements on the Market?

The world of medicine and research have evolved over time. From the usual medications and fist aid treatments that are given by our parents whenever we are sick, we now have the so-called food supplements. In contrast to generic medications, food supplements are calculated and produced with the aim of letting our body be fitter. In elementary science, we learn that we have three main group of foods. All of these we need to take in well-balanced fashion for us to reach the standard RDA or Recommended Daily Allowance.
Health and fitness are always an issue to some. With the busy schedule which limits one to choose the food of their liking making most of us resort to fast food, the demand for food supplements relatively rises up. There are a lot of food supplements in the market right now. All are claiming to be medically safe, proven effective and are better than the rest. Some are true, some are not while some really walk the talk. Let’s take a look at one of the most effective food supplement brand in the market today.

1st Phorm

1st Phorm international as a group is not focused on food supplements alone. As a matter of fact, they are also into athletic gears. One thing though that defines them pretty much compared to other food supplement brands is their vision. They seek to inspire others constantly. For them, your body is the only thing that you should rely on. Your strengths, talents, and other capabilities should be utilized by none other than You. 

Marisa Laren

The famous body builder Marisa Laren was the first ever to be a 1st Phorm model. Her aggressive spirit towards sports and health dates back to her high school days. Although she lost it once in college, she was able to recover somehow by means of weight lifting. Now, Laren is one of the most inspiring athletes of her generation. You can check some of her inspiring talks and insights about 1st Phorm from the company’s website or you may also visit Marisa Laren’s own at marisalaren.com.

The Product Line

As I mentioned earlier, 1st Phorm is not limited to food supplements alone. This topic, however, would be more focused on what the brand has to offer in terms of food supplements. Here are some of the most effective food supplements they offer.

* Pre-workout Supplements

Having Marisa Laren as the first model athlete of the company, it is, therefore, important to consider and mention their most power-packed supplements that can sure change the life of those who believe in themselves. These supplements are a very good prerequisite if anyone ever wishes to attain perfect body tone. This line includes but not limited to Megawatt HD, Phormula 1, and ALPHACre HD. All of these supplements are formulated to ensure your success at whatever regimen you wanna get into.


In order to start your daily routine, you need to have enough energy reserves to complete your goals, try one of these boosters formulated by 1st Phorm for you: M-Factor Hero & Goddess, Ignition and Adrenal Restore.

*Body Toning and Fat Burners

This is definitely one of the most wanted supplements nowadays. With the rise in the number of over-sized individuals, burning fat the easiest way has become one of the most favorite topics for food supplement formulations. 1st Phorm also offers its own life of fat burners. These includes but not limited to 1Db Overdrive Prime, 1Db Goddess Prime, Thyro-Drive, Commander, and Conquest HD. One of the most important addition to this group is the Bliss Go Pack which holds the title of being the best fat burner for women among this specific group.

*Life Giving Supplements

There are two profound experiences in life, death and giving birth. This awareness has brought 1st Phorm to formulate the Prenatal Plus for aiding pregnant women and several supplements that seek to help out those who want to get rid of some of the most fatal illnesses of our time. These supplements include Whole Heart, Complete Prostate PM and Complete Prostate AM.

*Sleep Aids

There are times when our worries prevent us from having a sound sleep. 1st Phorm is aware of that and had developed Downtime PM and Night-T.

Closing Notes

1st Phorm does concern a lot about life preservation. It does this by means of inspiration and proper supplementation. With the rise of different names in the market for products of the same nature, is this product name worth it? Experts have spoken. I’d say though the best way to find out is to try it yourself.